Suffolk Free Schools set to receive £2.6 million for children they don't actually have

Yesterday I revealed how Stour Valley Community School is receiving £1.4 million over two years for children it does not actually have on roll.

With the announcement yesterday of the approval of Beccles and Saxmundham Free Schools I have calculated that next year around £2.6 million of funding will be received by Suffolk free schools for pupils not on roll.

Download the full spreadsheet on Wikisuffolk.Remember this is just the start of what this is costing. There is also:
  • “Diseconomy” funding for management costs. We know Seckford’s management costs are around £1 million for Beccles and Saxmundham
  • Building costs. We know just Stour Valley is costing £5 million. If all four cost this much that could be £20 million
  • “Set up costs” paying for consultants, PR, lawyers and advertising. Who knows what this cost
All this at a time of “austerity” in a County with 11,000 spare secondary school places.
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