"Free School fiasco threatens your choice" says newly formed Suffolk Coalition Opposing Free Schools

Campaigners from across Suffolk have united to form the Suffolk Coalition Opposing Free Schools  which has launched today to fight the chaos that free schools are causing across the county. The group has launched a website at as well as a Twitter account @SuffolkCOFS

In addition a leafleting campaign has begun in the Ixworth area ahead of public meetings next week called by the Seckford Foundation to promote the Ixworth Free School.

Public meetings are being held:
  • Tue 15th May at Blackborne Middle School 7pm
  • Wed 16th May at Ixworth Middle School 7pm 
Coalition members are urging parents to attend the meeting and ask questions about the school to the Seckford Foundation.

You can see a copy of the campaign leaflet for the Ixworth area below. A big focus of the campaign is to alert parents to the fact that free schools, despite the rhetoric, are actually reducing choice for parents.
As has been seen at Brandon with the IES Breckland Free School there they are also taking away local governance and are certainly not “saving” Middle Schools as they have not employed a single Breckland Middle teacher.
Free School Flyer
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