Suffolk Libraries IPS to take over libraries on 1 August 2012

IPS Chair, Shona Bendix
Suffolk Libraries IPS have announced that they will take over running all libraries in Suffolk on 1st August. On that date all staff will transfer from the County Council and the IPS will assume responsibility for running the library services including mobile libraries, prison library service and the school library service.

This date is a month later than originally targeted. I actually think this is a good thing as it shows that there has not been a huge rush to meet a deadline even if the job could not be properly done. I would not be surprised if some in the County Council would have wanted this.

IPS Chair Shona Bendix commented:
The next few months are going to be hugely significant for Suffolk's libraries. By giving community groups more say in the way libraries are run, we're creating a service that really meets the needs of the people it serves. 
The quality of service delivered by Suffolk's excellent and dedicated staff will most definitely continue - and we look forward to expanding what we can offer to customers in the coming months. 
By making libraries independent from a large organisation like the county council, we're able to save significant amounts of money on back office and management costs whilst protecting what's most important - frontline library services.
If the delay shows anything it is that setting up this kind of organisation is far from simple. I would imagine that if the Board Members were paid the savings would not be anything like as great!

The IPS are saying that services will remain as they are now although the work to establish local library groups continues. Clearly it is too early to draw any conclusions yet but we still have libraries and the Suffolk Libraries network which is certainly a good thing.

But how things pan out after the 2013 County Council elections remains unclear. The IPS however successful needs adequate funding and I am sure that will be a big part of the election campaign next year.
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