Sats Boycott and School Governors

Ed Balls in perhaps one of his last actions as Secretary of State has tried to drag School governors into the ongoing sats battle between tw...


General Election and Under 5s Education

Election 2010: Whilst the media focus on who might do a deal with who in a hung parliament the real issues get swept under the carpet. Think...


VX1 £10 "Party Mobile" Review

I usually blog reviews of the latest Smartphones that cost several hundred pounds (at least without a contract). This phone costs less then ...


HTC Legend Review

Back in October I switched from an iPhone to a HTC Hero running Android. You can read my HTC Hero Review that I posted shortly after switch...


The NASUWT and pupil involvement in teacher appointments

The NASUWT has produced a report that is critical of the involvement of pupils in the selection of teaching staff. This has been widely repo...

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