Seckford Foundation attempt to stop publication of their emails

When you get an email from a company it often has a lot of legal “guff” at the end that you probably don’t read. However emails sent from the Seckford Foundation now have the following appended to the end of them:
This response is given on the basis it will not be disclosed to the media or used in any social media
This mis-guided attempt to control what happens to emails seems to be in response to the publication on this Blog of several emails, notably about children with special educational needs.

Of course if Seckford did not send emails that were embarrassing to them there would not be an issue with them being disclosed which would perhaps be a better strategy to employ.

Seckford apparently gets PR advice from an organisation in Thetford called Mary Rudd PR. They are supposed to handle media requests but I emailed them at the weekend and they completely ignored me.

Looking around for information I could not help but notice that Mary Rudd PR doesn’t even have a website so I am not sure they are exactly the most obvious choice of advice on social media.

Meanwhile if you do correspond with Seckford this Blog is still very interested in receiving your emails, please send them to rest assured that the worst they can do is ignore you and take you off their increasingly short Christmas Card list.

If you prefer I will not quote your email. You can rest assured that I do not disclose any sources.
Seckford Foundation 9092513267274347905

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