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This is the personal blog of James Hargrave. You can see a little bit more about me just to the right of this on my "profile". I started this Blog back in 2009 to write about things that interest me, in general I have written about:

Education and particularly school governance, Suffolk schools, education policy and free schools

Libraries in particular the fight to save libraries in Suffolk

Suffolk Politics local politics in Suffolk and the impact of national political issues on the county

Technology and in particular mobile devices, I have published several popular reviews of mobile devices on this blog

Sometimes my blog goes through phases where it focusses on one of these areas or a particular issue or it might go quiet for a while.

There are tabs across the top of my blog to enable you to jump directly to the latest posts from each of the four areas (Education, Libraries, Suffolk Politics and technology).

This Blog exists to promote free debate and discussion about the topics I write about. I take a journalistic approach to my Blog posts so I only publish stories that are well sourced although like all journalistic work I can and do protect my sources where this is necessary.

My work is a combination of investigative journalism and campaigning journalism. Sometimes this is known as "journalism of engagement" so I am frequently directly involved in stories I write about. This gives a unique perspective and I make no claims at all to be neutral!

I do not take a party political approach to my work and am very happy to criticise all political parties. For the  record I am currently a member of the Green Party having left the Lib Dems due to disagreement with their involvement in the coalition.


I really welcome comments from readers and these don't have to agree with me. I only delete comments if they are spam, come from a false email account, are forged or if they are illegal or offensive. I use the "Disqus" service which allows users to comment using their existing Facebook and Twiiter accounts to make it quicker and easier.


I also use Twitter quite a lot where you can follow me as @onlygeek

Mobile Site

There is a mobile version of the site that you should see automatically if you visit from a mobile phone but if not you can go to the mobile address

Send me your stories

I am always grateful for information about the subjects I blog about. Please do use the Contact Me page to get in touch if you have information you would like to send me. I will email you back and I am happy to either acknowledge your contribution or to protect anonymity as you would prefer.

Complaints and corrections

If you don't like something I have written you have a few options. You are welcome to use the comments feature to put your view across or you can Contact Me directly.

If you think anything I have published is factually incorrect do contact me. I am happy to correct anything inaccurate, remove anything subject to copyright etc.

If you want me to remove things for any other reason, for example you just don't like it you can always ask me politely. I will always consider such requests if polite and accompanied by a reason although it does depend who you are and the circumstances what I actually decide to do.

If you represent a large organisation I expect to deal with your Press/Communications office.


As I say this blog is personal and the views expressed are my own and should not be taken as the official view of any organisation I work for or am associated with. If you have a problem with anything I have written please contact me and not any organisation I am associated with.

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