Beccles Free School articles mysteriously disappear from EDP websites

Yesterday I wrote an article quoting a piece in the EDP by Richard Wood which was on the EDP website. Slightly different versions appears on the online and print editions of the Beccles and Bungay Journal and the Lowestoft Journal - all titles owned by local news company Archant.

Yesterday evening all of these articles vanished from the online editions leaving readers with the “not found” message shown.

Archant have so far not responded to requests for an explanation but the disappearance of these sites has already led to a number of questions being asked online.

Naturally this has prompted concern that the Seckford Foundation might somehow be involved in this but there is no evidence as yet that this is the case.

Meanwhile Wikisuffolk have re-published the original articles and you can read the EDP website article or the Beccles and Bungay/ Lowestoft Journal print edition article over on the Wikisuffolk site.

UPDATE: Archant have confirmed the posts were removed following contact from Seckford due to the inclusion of a quote from Graham Watson saying the free school bid "will" be approved by the end of May. They have re-written the article and published it here. A further blog post will explain more!
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