Seckford's Graham Watson orders free school supporters off social media

For a few days now my Blog has been full of arguments between Ixworth Free School supporters and others about the proposed Seckford free schools. A few new users appeared on Twitter too and started to engage with the Suffolk Campaign Opposing Free Schools and others.

For a while we were actually having a debate about the issues and members of the free school group made some interesting points.

All this stopped abruptly this morning. Ixworth free schooler Wendy Canham published the following Facebook Message:

As soon as I saw this it was clear to me what has happened as I have seen it several times before. The first time was when the Saxmundham Free School Facebook Group was closed down as soon as a few people asked awkward questions about who was paying the Principal’s salary. Then there was the Stoke by Nayland Facebook group that closed down all discussion becoming an “information only group”.

Later on more information emerged. Seckford have ordered its supporters off social media.

I thought these free schools were supposed to be parent led groups? Incredibly parents have been reduced to distributing leaflets and holding microphones at meetings.

Any suggestion that parent groups are “working together” with Seckford is shown to be nonsense by this incident. It is clear that it is Seckford who are calling the shorts unless any of the free school group would like to comment below and show me that I am wrong? Anyone
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