Parish Councillors attempt to sack magazine editors in "ambush" at annual meeting

Updated with Soundcloud clips from the meeting on 19/5/15 at 17:30 At the first meeting of the newly elected Stradbroke Parish Council la...


LIVE BLOG: Stradbroke Parish Council AGM 18th Feb 2015 7.30pm

LIVE BLOG from the Stradbroke Parish Council AGM on 18th Feb 2015 starts at 7.30pm with the election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman. This is ...


Unfair electoral system delivers bizarre General Election result

I sat watching the election coverage last night with two very puzzled looking children. They were finding it hard to understand how the vote...


SCC confirm "superfast" broadband for just half of Stradbroke by September 2015

In response to my previous blog post " When will Stradbroke get Superfast broadband " Suffolk County Council have sent the followi...


Why I'm voting Green in 2015

Back exactly five years ago on 3rd May 2010 I wrote a Blog post about why I was voting for the Lib Dems . Unlike some bloggers I keep ...


Did Dan Poulter really "succeed in the fight to keep open Stradbroke Post Office"?

As Tory MPs go I must admit to quite liking Dan Poulter (or Dr Dan as he likes to be known). I think I liked him more before he went on th...


When will Stradbroke get "superfast" broadband?

Anyone who attended the annual parish meeting last night might have ended up with a feeling of deja-vu. Stradbroke's County Councillor G...

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