Revealed: How the Seckford Foundation will have control of their "Free Schools Trust"

Last week just before the news came that the Beccles and Saxmundham Free School bids had been approved the Seckford Foundation finally registered the Seckford Foundation Free Schools Trust.

The Articles of Association for the company (which are available in full on Wikisuffolk) give us some important information abut how the trust will work in particular the governance arrangements. There is a more detailed presentation below showing how this works but basically the Seckford Foundation control the company and each of the schools.
The Local Governing Bodies for each school (which are actually Committees of the Board of Directors) will have minimal powers. Crucially the Articles say that:
The Directors shall appoint the Principal and the Head Teachers of the Academies The Directors may delegate such powers and functions as they consider are required by the Principal and the Head Teachers for the internal organisation, management and control of the Academies (including the implementation of all policies approved by the Directors and for the direction of the teaching and curriculum at the Academies) 
Control of Finance and Staffing matters - the real power of governance - remains with the Directors a majority of whom are appointed by Seckford.

It looks like there will only be two parent Directors out of a Board of up to 23/24. Does not look like a “parent led” venture to me.

The Articles also contain express provision for the Seckford Foundation to be paid for services it provides to the Free Schools Trust although it contains the provision
such remuneration shall represent no more than the cost of providing those goods or services
This is an area to keep an eye on to ensure that public funds do not end up diverted to the Seckford Foundation.
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