Suffolk Free School Campaign: "Free School Plan means staff are leaving our middle schools"

The Suffolk Coalition Opposing Free Schools has published flyers for Middle School parents ahead of the  Seckford meetings this week. Beyton Middle School have already sent it out to parents via parentmail and  Facebook and we are hoping that Ixworth and Blackbourne Middle Schools will follow their lead as they have all sent information out to parents from Seckford about the free school.

SCOFS have not asked the Primary Schools and Thurston Community College to send the flyers out as they have taken the position that they will not send any information out about the prospective free school and SCOFS respects this.

Two slightly different versions have been prepared, one for Beyton and one for Ixworth and Blackbourne due to differences in likely transport arrangements.

Ixworth and Blackbourne SCOFS Flyer May 2012

Beyton SCOFS Flyer May 2012
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