Second Election Leaflet Published: My Election Pledges

I have published my second District Council election leaflet which will be delivered in the run up to the elections on Thursday 5th May. In the leaflet I make five pledges if elected to represent Stradbroke, Laxfield and Wilby I will:

1. Be a strong voice for Stradbroke, Laxfield and Wilby defending public services provided by the District Council and campaign actively against cuts to vital village services such as libraries, post offices, medical services, transport links and youth services

2. Work closely with Stradbroke, Laxfield and Wilby Parish Councils and support decision making at a parish level wherever possible

3. Work to ensure that the planned merger between Mid Suffolk and Babergh District provides value for money for council tax payers and continues to maintain local accountability

4. Ensure that information is provided to the people of Stradbroke and Laxfield about the the District Council through parish magazines, the Stradbroke Laxfield and Wilby parish websites and through my own Blog

5. Hold regular advice surgeries in Stradbroke, Laxfield and Wilby to help local people with questions and help get problems with District and County services resolved

You can see the full leaflet below:

Suffolk Politics 7333555498189456515

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