All change at Endeavour House? Mark Bee elected Leader of Suffolk CC

Mark Bee
Leader of Suffolk CC
I am not going to claim that "it's my blog what won it" but having called this morning for Mark Bee to be elected as Leader of Suffolk County Council he has won the election. So will this be the change the people of Suffolk are wanting and that the Suffolk Tories presumably feel will help save them from defeat in the 2013 elections? That remains to be seen but the EADT this morning suggested that if Mark won we might never see the words "new" "strategic" and "direction" together in the same sentence. I hope so.

Suffolk never asked to be an experiment in ideological political ideas be they from the left or the right. We just want the County Council to get on with running services the best they can, accepting that there need to be savings made. We don't want the county we love turned into a laughing stock nationally, a byword for wasteful and overpaid local governement with the Chief Executive literally all over the national papers.

Endeavour House
At times I have maybe said that Suffolk is a bit too sleepy and behind the times. Can we go back a bit more to those days Mark? I don't want to be part of an experiment or to spend half my weekends on marches and fighting the County Council. I hope there will be a change in direction now and that you ban the word "strategic" from Endeavour House.

Good luck Mark. I hope you will lead Suffolk County Council to something we can all be proud of whatever our politics!
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