Two Horse Race for District Council in Stradbroke and Laxfield

Nominations have closed for the Mid Suffolk District Council elections and you can see a full list of candidates on the Mid Suffolk Website

Here in Stradbroke and Laxfield there are two candidates. Myself standing for the Liberal Democrats and the sitting councillor Stuart Gemmill standing as an independent. On the Council Stuart sits as a member of the "Conservative and Independent Group" who are currently in control of Mid Suffolk District Council.

A total of 128 candidates are standing for the 40 available seats across Mid Suffolk with only one candidate elected without a contest, as Rachel Eburne for the Green Part was the only person nominated for the Haughley and Wetherden ward (which she won from the Conservatives in a by-election last year).

The current composition of the Council is 24 Conservative and Independents, 10 Liberal Democrats, and 6 in the Suffolk Together, Green and Independent group.

37 out of the current 40 councillors are seeking re-election.

The election will be held on Thursday 5th May and polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm. The referendum on use of "Alternative Vote" for parliamentary elections will take place on the same day but as I blogged earlier there will be no elections in Stradbroke and Laxfield for Parish Councillors as they have all been elected unopposed.

There is still time up until Thursday 14th April to Register to Vote or to request a Postal Vote click the links or call the elections team at Mid Suffolk on 01449 724672.

There is an interesting Wikipedia page on Mid Suffolk Election Results showing who has held the Council over the years and by-election results.
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