Guy McGregor enters County Council Leadership Race

Guy McGregor receiving a petition of more than 750
local residents to Save Stradbroke Library
Local Conservative County Councillor Guy McGregor who is the county councillor for Stradbroke and Laxfield has put himself forward as the third candidate in the race to succeed Jeremy Pembroke as leader of Suffolk County Council who resigned last week.

Today's EADT reports that McGregor is presenting himself as a "compromise" candidate between Mark Bee and Colin Noble. Guy says:

I think it is important that we stop and think what the people of Suffolk want before we start coming up with too many radical ideas.
I would rather we ran the council as the people of Suffolk want it to be run rather than trying to impress ministers in London.
All of this sounds fantastic and is what many of us have been saying for months. However it is the exact opposite of the way Guy McGregor has been behaving.

Challenged to support Stradbroke Library Guy McGregor refused to sign the petition in support of keeping the library open. He has not provided any support to the campaign to keep the library open preferring to support the planned experimental "divestment" of Stradbroke and Eye libraries as part of a plan that cabinet colleague Judy Terry boasts has the support of ministers in London. This despite being handed a petition of more than 750 local residents, 60% of the population.

I might have missed it but when did the people of Suffolk get asked if we wanted the tip in Eye closed or the eXplore card that provides discounted travel for young people withdrawn?

In the video below you can see local resident Richard Pierce-Saunderson talking to GuyMcGregor and challenging him to listen to the people of Suffolk on issues such as Stradbroke library and the salaries of senior Council Officials. I wonder if he has changed his mind since this video was made?

You can also watch the second part of this video on You Tube
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