Decision day...again...on Andrea Hill?

Andrea Hill, Suffolk County Council's CEO has been on "gardening leave" since April 18 and has been paid literally tens of thousands of pounds to stay at home. Staff at Endeavour House might think this money well spent, some saying that the mood has improved immensely since she has been away and speaking of a "culture of fear" that existed under her watch.

Today the "Dismissal's Appeals Committee" of the County Council meets again to consider her future. The last time they did this back on 3 June they were able to resolve some of the allegations about her conduct towards the Legal Services team whose Interim Head tragically committed suicide. In addition the 3rd June meeting also agreed to consider Ms Hill's expense claims.

Interestingly the Committee will not meet at Endeavour House but at St Edmund House this afternoon. By the end of the day Ms Hill's longer term position should be more clear and many will be be hoping that Hill will not be coming back but taking a deep breath before the inevitable bill for her departure arrives.
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