Andrea Hill still on gardening leave

After the meeting of the Dismissals Appeals Committee today at Endeavour House which was (as is usual for such cases) held in private Andrea Hill remains on gardening leave at least until the 24th June when the committee meets again. What actually happened at the committee is somewhat unclear. The EADT and Telegraph seem to have slightly different stories with the Telegraph saying she has been cleared of the earlier bullying allegations and the EADT reporting quoting a Suffolk press contact saying:
“The dismissals appeals committee today received a preliminary report into whistle-blowing allegations made against Andrea Hill. The committee was able to resolve some of the allegations however it felt that a number required further investigation."
Strangely the Telegraph quote this too which appears to contradict the earlier part of their story that suggests she was cleared at a meeting "yesterday". This is, presumably, a mistake as the meeting was today.

Both papers however report that she now faces fresh allegations into her expenses:
“In addition as a result of FOI requests into expense claims by Andrea Hill the committee has asked the investigation team to review those claims. The findings of the team will be reported to the committee at their next meeting on June 24. Andrea Hill will remain on extended leave by mutual consent until that date"
I can see the need to due process here and investigations certainly take time but I wonder if now is the time for Suffolk County Council to do the same kind of deal with Andrea Hill as she, apparently, did recently for several senior staff and make her an offer to leave. Clearly this would cost money but it might be the best deal all round and after all "those who live by the sword, die by the sword" so it would seem an appropriate way for her to go.

So if the County Council's lawyers and Andrea Hill's are not already talking then hopefully they can be so this matter can be resolved.
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