Decision Day for Andrea Hill?

Andrea Hill - Suffolk CC CEO
The "Dismissals Appeals Committee" of Suffolk County Council meets today. You can see the Agenda here, ironically signed by Andrea Hill.

What you won't see from the Agenda is the fact that the committee will be considering the case of Andrea Hill and the results of the investigation carried out by London Law firm Wragge and Co. The Evening Star carry a report about the meeting.

This morning BBC Radio 4's today programme carried an interesting report about the story and you can LISTEN AGAIN to this. During this report Suffolk MP Dan Poulter can be heard saying that "many residents of suffolk would be delighted to see her (Andrea Hill) leave"

I think this is true, what many of us are waiting to find out is how much it is going to cost us.

Former Leader of the Council Jeremy Pembroke who was responsible for her appointment (and salary) was made Vice-Chairman of the Council a few weeks ago but if the Andrea Hill case ends up costing Suffolk resident's a huge sum of money there will be many of us suggesting that for once tradition is dispensed with and that Pembroke is not elected as Chairman of the Council in 2012.

As soon as I hear any news I will update my @onlygeek Twitter account and then my blog.
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