Writing on the wall for Andrea Hill?

Written on the wall at the Debenham Library read-in
According to a BBC journalist on Twitter sources from Suffolk County Council say that their CEO Andrea Hill is currently "on extended leave for personal reasons" and add "The ball is in her court".

Local newspaper the East Anglian Daily Times is reporting that she may leave. Paul Geater's article suggests that:
During her absence from Endeavour House, the New Strategic Direction seems to have been unpicked day by day.
This has led many to speculate on how she would be able to work with the new leadership.
Her role could also come under the spotlight in an external inquiry into the management of the legal services department.
The Guardian have also picked up on the story again as they have a number of times over the last few weeks and in a story today they report that her position has become "precarious" and report a comment on her presentation to the Guardian public services summit:

She stepped over the line that divides politics with policy by identifying herself clearly with the Suffolk outsourcing policy. She didn't once name the leadership who are responsible with that policy. She has attacked the media for criticisms that have appeared – politicians have to accept that this comes with the territory. But she has effectively placed herself at the head of the council.
Compare her with other radical Tory areas, like Wandsworth and Westminster, and you wouldn't be able to say the same. A chief executive should never become the story.
This ties in with the criticism I made of her when I called on her to resign nearly two months ago in March. The extremely ill-judged and bad tempered rant she fired off to staff hours after Jeremy Pembroke resigned was to me her resignation letter and she has all but disappeared since writing it. If you haven't read it is over on Wikisuffolk and the comments alone are well worth a read.

So the writing really is on the wall for Andrea Hill now and I cannot see how her post is tenable any longer. On a personal level I wish her good luck. It is the Conservative administration that appointed, encouraged and allowed her to behave the way she did that are responsible for her downfall. I hope that she and the people of Suffolk will remember that.

UPDATE - Audio from BBC Radio Suffolk of Andrea Hill's union explaining the situation and asking for the Council to support her due to the "stress" she is under....

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