Dan Poulter wants Andrea Hill to go!

Dan Poulter receiving letters from Debenham Primary
Schoolchildren asking him to help save the library
Central Suffolk and North Ipswich Conservative MP Dr Dan Poulter wants Andrea Hill to go! In an interview with the BBC he made it clear that media attention around Andrea Hill was stopping the County Council getting on with their job of delivering services. He described her as having become "the story"

He described the previous direction of the County Council as "not right for the County" and welcomed the change of direction and the new leadership of Mark Bee.

Asked to comment on whether she would return to work he said "many of my residents would be delighted if she didn't".

I very much welcome Dan's comments on Andrea Hill and hope that we have a resolution to this issue as soon as possible. As I have said before I feel her position is untenable and I am pleased to see our MP continuing to take such a strong line on this issue. I feel he is very much representing the position of his constituents of all parties on this issue.

Meanwhile the BBC report that Suffolk County Council have confirmed that the reason for her leave is so an investigation into anoymous whistleblowing complaints can take place. Hill is effectively on "gardening leave" and as Bungay poet Luke Wright said on Twitter:
@lukewrightpoet: "Andrea Hill is on "gardening leave" on full pay. How many other gardeners get twenty odd grand a month?"
If you have't read Luke's excellent poem "A poem for Andrea Hill" then please take a look on his Blog.
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