Andrea Hill Should Resign

Andrea Hill
Suffolk CC's CEO
Earns £218K a year
Ipswich Spy is today calling on Andrea Hill to resign and I agree. The Blog hits the nail on the head and says:

It is time for Andrea Hill to read the writing on the wall and resign. She has lost the confidence of the public, she has lost the confidence of the staff, she has lost the confidence of senior officers at SCC and other local councils, she has lost the confidence of the opposition parties at the County Council...Time to go, Ms Hill, go and go now.

The continuing stories around Ms Hill are distracting attention from the important issues around the New Strategic Direction and the cuts proposed by the County Council to frontline services. This is the real story in Suffolk and Ms Hill has become a distraction that helps neither side of this debate. She has become the story herself and she must resign now before she causes further damage to the County Council.

As the County Council refuse to allow any petitions relating to Ms Hill on their site I have added a poll in the right hand side of my blog so you can have your say...
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