Vote YES to AV!

Tomorrow we all have a rare and possibly once in a lifetime chance to change the way we vote for our MPs. The Yes and No campaigns so far have not really produced a well thought out debate with quite a few myths circulating.

AV is actually a really simple system. You simply rank the candidates in the order you prefer (as many as you like you don't have to give a preference for all of them). If someone gets 50% of 1st preference votes then they win. If not the candidate with the lowest number of votes is eliminated and their 2nd preference votes redistributed to the other candidates. This continues until someone gets 50% of the vote. This video with post it notes explains it rather well:

Stephen Fry has also made a short video about why he prefers AV:

So I hope you will join me and vote YES and ignore the rumours and lies. AV is a small but important improvement and if these videos have't convinced you maybe this will!?

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