Seckford Foundation refuse to answer questions about appointment of principal

Not Subject to Freedom of Information
In correspondence seen by this Blog, the Seckford Foundation have refused to answer any questions at all about the appointment of the Principal of Beccles and Saxmundham Free Schools. Rob Cawley was announced as the Principal despite having chaired consultation meetings where he was introduced as an "independent adjudicator".

Will be subject to Freedom of Information
Asked four straightforward questions - how many candidates applied, how many were interviewed, how long the contract is and how much of the money is coming from public funds the Seckford Foundation declined to answer pointing out that as a "charity" they are not subject to freedom of information laws.

Indeed they point out they will never be as they are forming another company - The Seckford Foundation Free Schools Trust - to run the schools. This will be subject to freedom of information laws but there must be a concern they will continue to use the charity as a way of avoiding accountability.  This will also take away any risk to the Foundation if the Free Schools project runs into financial difficulty.

So a body appointing someone who will be paid around 85K of public funds does not think it needs to be accountable to the people paying the salary. Taxpayers.

That said the Department for Education have completely ignored a Freedom of Information request I sent more than a month ago so even a legal requirement does not seem to be enough when there is an clear intent not to reveal information.

Of course even though legally the Seckford Foundation does not have to answer these questions nothing is stopping them. If they wanted to behave in an accountable and transparent way they could. They are simply choosing not to. One day we we doubtless find out what it is they don't want to tell us.
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