Have the DfE already approved Beccles and Saxmundham Free Schools?

The Seckford Foundation sent a letter to parents in the Thurston area today about their proposals for a free school in Ixworth. This letter reveals one piece of previously unknown information - that Seckford have got through to interview stage with their Stoke by Nayland Free School bid.
But the way they talk about the Beccles and Saxmundham bids is interesting. They claim:
It also successfully applied to run two Suffolk-based Free Schools at Saxmundham and Beccles, which will open in September 2012. 
The “will open” sounds more definite than some of their previous statements however their website has used similar wording for a while. So they are either being over-confident in their letter to parents or they already know the schools are approved.

Update: A source at the DfE has pointed out that these schools were "approved" last year but as yet their funding agreements have not been signed so they are still not definitely going ahead. I don't personally think this is clear from the letter.
Seckford Ixworth Parent Letter 30Apr
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