SCC confirm "superfast" broadband for just half of Stradbroke by September 2015

In response to my previous blog post "When will Stradbroke get Superfast broadband" Suffolk County Council have sent the following statement:
Stradbroke has around 680 premises in the parish, of which over 300 will be live with superfast broadband by the end of September, where the first round of the Better Broadband Programme completes. At this point, coverage in Suffolk will have been moved from around 50% to 85%, and over 100,000 premises upgraded as a result of the programme.  Coverage is shared on the interactive map on the website  We are aware that around half of the parish will not benefit from the initial upgrades, and of course are also ,mindful that at a county level we will still have 15% of premises still to upgrade.
The remaining premises in the parish will be targeted with additional upgrades under the second round of the Better Broadband Programme, which will increased the 85% coverage at September 2015 up to at least 95% by late 2017.  The rollout plan for this second scheme is being finalised, and will be shared in the Autumn.  Ultimately we are committed to reaching 100% coverage as quickly as possible.
The previously published map below shows the first area that will get "superfast" broadband. The planned coverage area will include the High School but the Library and Primary School are not included.
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