VX1 £10 "Party Mobile" Review

I usually blog reviews of the latest Smartphones that cost several hundred pounds (at least without a contract). This phone costs less then £10....yes you read that right and is supplied unlocked ready for any SIM card you like (well apart from 3).

The VX1 which is available from Tesco became really popular just before Christmas with people who didn't want to loose their iPhone or Blackberry at the office Christmas bash. It was £20 then and was a pretty good deal. Now available in store and on the web from Tesco at £9.49 it is well worth picking one up.

The phone as well as cheap is really tiny, about the same size as a credit card and not very thick. It is really basic, only really for calls and texts and the interface for texts is pretty clunky. It even has a monochrome display (yes that means not colour for those too young to remember mobiles without colour screens!). It feels cheap because it is, has mediocre battery life but for a second or backup mobile it is ideal and if you lost it or it got damaged it will cost less than a round of drinks to replace!
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