New Principal for IES Breckland as Ofsted verdict awaited

Alison Tilbrook, new IES Breckland
IES Breckland have announced the appointment of Alison Tilbrook, current deputy headteacher at Iceni Academy in Methwold as their new principal. This follows the resignation of the first principal Sherry Zand in less than stunning circumstances immediately after firing six newly appointed staff.

Tilbrook is perhaps an interesting choice for the role. She certainly brings a great deal of management experience which is something that was lacking in the previous principal but there will be raised eyebrows about where she comes from.

Iceni Academy has not been without its problems and somewhat ironically quite a few children have actually moved from it to IES recently as this commentator on my Blog recently said:
 I removed my son from the quite frankly appalling school which is Iceni academy and placed him at IES Breckland. Since he has been there he has thrived both socially and academically.....I know of 8 children who have transferred from iceni (i am told there are more) and there parents are more than happy with the level of care and education that they are receiving. The fact that it is a profit making organisation is irrelevant when the standard of academia and social behavior is so much better than neighboring schools
With news of Tilbrooks appointment another parent commented:
I did the same with both mine after talking with De head there and could get them away quick enough. No look she just got the job there. Now what
Unusually Tilbrook begins her new role on Monday which is amazingly quick. Apparently she started teaching at Methwold some 35 years ago and has not taught anywhere else. Speaking to the EDP she said:
I started here when I was 20 and if you cut my arm it would look like a stick of rock with Methwold through the middle,
The Bury Free Press quote Tilbrook making promises about the future of the school:
The ideas of tough love, high academic expectations and a safe calm environment, where teachers can teach and students can learn, fit so closely with my own...All teachers are going to be of the highest quality and give the students education they deserve. I need people who I know are going to do the best job for the students. Competative salaries and the IES group’s access to a recruitment network for international teachers will enable us to achieve this objective.
Brandon parents will be hoping that Tilbrook actually delivers on these promises as they have heard them many times before from local MP Matt Hancock, the SABRES Trust and the first principal Sherry Zand.
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