Ixworth Free School: Why we should keep an eye on the Seckford Foundation

The situation at Ixworth has prompted Sue Cook, Suffolk County Council's Education Director, t...


"Hand of Hancock" as Seckford gets Third free school at Ixworth

If the lack of a transparent process at the DfE wasn't enough on its own to raise an eyebrow about the award today of the Ixworth Middle...


Debenham Library celebrates 10th birthday as it plans move to larger site

Debenham's tiny library celebrates 10th birthday Two years ago in Debenham in bright sunshin...


Stradbroke Primary School teacher wins "teacher of the year" award

Laura Wilbourn and her class (EADT) Laura Wilbourn, a teacher at Stradbroke Primary School, has ...


Guy McGregor out of the cabinet as Lisa Chambers leads on Education

Guy McGregor: out of the cabinet Hoxne, Stradbroke and Eye county councillor Guy McGregor has fo...


Suffolk Tories cling to power with majority cut to three

Former Cabinet member Judy Terry who lost her seat 2009 was always going to be a high water mar...

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