IES Breckland: The truth about the sackings

ZandIn a clear reference to this Blog Sherry Zand the Principal of IES Breckland has been complaining today about “inaccurate information” relating to the removal of six staff from the school over the last few days.

Zand told the Bury Free Press that:
“The true facts are that three supply teachers — as in, not our staff — have been asked not to return and three new staff on probationary contracts have not been made permanent.  
She almost makes it sound reasonable doesn’t she?

This Blog can reveal the truth behind these sackings.
  • One of the staff members sacked was a member of the Senior Leadership team
  • The school has sacked both the Head of English and the Head of Maths
  • At least one of the staff sacked was a Newly Qualified Teacher. The school did not even give this person until Half Term in their first year as a teacher
  • The so-called “supply teachers” were all on long term contracts. Some had relocated to the UK from abroad and all three were listed on 17th October on the school’s website as members of Teaching Staff
  • Not making a probationary staff member’s contract permanent is the same thing as dismissing them. In any case IES Breckland polices refer to a three month induction period
This staff list from 17th October was retrieved from Google Cache and clearly shows the six vacant posts. I have redacted the names of staff.

Staffon17Oct With respect, I don't think it is me that is misleading people.
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