Debenham Library celebrates 10th birthday as it plans move to larger site

Debenham's tiny library celebrates 10th birthday
Two years ago in Debenham in bright sunshine a crowd gathered outside Debenham Library to campaign against plans to close it. It was at this event that local Conservative MP Dan Poulter signed the petition against closing libraries in Suffolk.

Last night in Debenham in cold and wet weather another crowd gathered outside Debenham Library to celebrate its 10th birthday.

The reason why crowds gather outside the library is that it is truly tiny. The smallest library in Suffolk it was once a fire station and a Barclays Bank branch before it became a library after a local campaign in 2003.

Now part of Suffolk Libraries the local library group has just finished its consultation on moving the library to a much larger space in the primary school. There are still i’s and t’s to be dotted and crossed but this is likely to happen in the Summer.

Proposed new larger home for library in primary school
The new space will provide Debenham with a much larger book stock and both inside and external space to hold events something challenging with the current space.

So at the next celebration hopefully we will not have to rely on the weather for enough space!

There are more pictures from last night's 10th Birthday celebrations on Flickr
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