Pupils reported to be leaving Saxmundham Free School "like flies"

Saxmundham children on the opening of the school
Apparently as uniforms had not arrived they did PE
for the first few days of term (EADT)
When Saxmundham Free School opened its doors in September it had 109 pupils. It had capacity to take 219 which itself was a drop from the original 300 places it planned to offer across Years 7, 8 and 9.

There are now reports that 9 children have already left the school leaving it with fewer than 100 on roll.

Various attempts have been made to confirm this with Seckford but they do not seem keen to reply and a Freedom of Information Act request has now been sent to get the true picture. However despite the information obviously being at Seckfords finger tips they have the legal right to delay 20 days before sending us the information.

Back in early September Principal of the Seckford Free Schools (and the Headteacher at Saxmundham) Rob Cawley was speaking with typical Seckford optimism as the EADT reported:
 But the Seckford Foundation, which runs the schools and has supported independent Woodbridge School for around 150 years, said it was confident more pupils would join throughout the year. Mr Cawley added: “The Department for Education would not have allowed us to proceed had we not been ready and financially viable. We expect a higher intake as we prove that parents are making the right choice by sending their sons and daughters here.
However the EADT also report the views of one of the pupils saying that he could have gone to Alde Valley or Thomas Mills but going to Saxmundham meant he did not have to wake up as early for his paper round!

It may be that some pupils and parents are realising that convenience, although important, is not the most important issue when choosing a school.
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