Ixworth Free School: Peace breaks out in book bag battle

The new Ixworth St Mary's High School Website
I recently blogged about the “Battle for Bookbags” which is really the battle for "Parent Mail" these days! Various comments had been made by people on all “sides” of the debate about the rights and wrongs of sending out information to parents about one or both of the free school bids.

I now understand that a letter with information about both bids is likely to go out to all parents from Suffolk County Council which seems an excellent idea.

In addition the following letter has been sent to parents today by Ixworth Middle School which sensibly provides details of both bids and the proposed open meetings for parents:
 Ixworth Middle SOR Letter Oct 2012

This approach by Ixworth Middle School seems to be the way forward with parents being given information about both the bids.

In addition the church free school bid has launched its website today at with the proposed name Ixworth St Mary’s High School with lots more information about the proposal.

To me the only argument that matters at all now is which of the bids looks likely to provide the best education for children in Thurston area. Nothing else matters and I hope we can now draw a line under arguments about who sent what letter or what people said months ago on Twitter or at public meetings.
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