Brome waste tip reopens after second closure in twelve months

Campaign to save the Brome tip
The Brome waste tip near Eye has re-opened this weekend following yet another period of closure. Just over a year ago Suffolk County Council suddenly announced their intention to “divest” themselves of this and several other waste tips and it was handed to private contractors Bolton Brothers to run.

Bolton Brothers soon complained that they did not have enough trade to make the venture viable even though they had introduced charging and they eventually closed the tip for a second time.

The Diss Express report that the site is now re-opened and operated by local Eye resident Kevin Crispin who has worked in the waste industry for 10 years including running the site for the Bolton Brothers at Brome for the last 11 months.

The Diss Express article reminds us of the crazy scheme the County Council devised to get around the law that prevents them charging the public for waste depots:
The facility is leased by Suffolk County Council to Brome and Oakley Parish Council for £1, and they - in tandem with the Brome and Oakley CRC Steering Group - lease it to Mr Crispin.
Cllr Guy McGregor
Mr Crispin describes taking on the site as a “gamble” and whilst I wish him good luck there must sadly be every chance that the venture might fail again. Suffolk County Council should take the site back under their wing, employ Mr Crispin and run the site as they did previously.

It seems incredible that local County Councillor and cabinet member Cllr Guy McGregor has just sat back at watched this service disintegrate. This joins a long list of services including youth centres and libraries that have been closed or threatened during this administrations time in office.  I do hope people remember this when the County Council is re-elected in May 2013.
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