Free School FOI Shorts: Graham Newman needs to "be seen to be supportive"

Cllr Graham Newman
Faced with having to make some pragmatic decisions that some free school supporters have not been happy with Graham Newman, Suffolk County Council Portfolio Holder for Education makes a point of attending a public meeting about the Stoke by Nayland Free School.

He emails another the local county councillor just before he attends:

From: Graham Newman
Sent: Sunday, February 19, 2012 10:00 AM To: James Finch
Subject: Stoke by Nayland Free School James
Seckford/Ronan have a meeting in SbN Golf & Country Club on Tuesday. 
Very important that I am seen to be supportive in this one, so trust you will not mind me attending in your Division, and hope that you may be able to be there too. 
Many thanks 
Graham L Newman (Cllr)
 Interestingly the local councillor replies:
From: James Finch
Sent: 19 February 2012 13:47
To: Graham Newman
Subject: Re: Stoke by Nayland Free School Graham,

I will be pleased to join you - slightly cross that Ronan et at have not let me know - there is no publicity around here.

To confirm - is it Tuesday 21st February? at what time ? Is it a public meeting ?

Yours James

James Finch
Councillor for Stour Valley Division
This week I will be publishing substantial articles every day about Suffolk Free Schools with the occasional "Free School FOI" Short like this.
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