Ixworth Free School Principal Designate "not in favour of two tier education"

Glenice Francis, Principal Designate of the Ixworth Free School told a packed meeting of parents at Ixworth Middle school that:
“I am not in support of 2,000-pupil schools, not in support of two tier schools, not in support of single tier secondary education."
Ms Francis who is currently the Head of Ixworth Middle School has emerged as the Principal Designate of the proposed free school. She stated at the meeting:
“I intend to stay here if it goes two-tier. I do think the children and parents need a safe pair of hands.”
The proposed Ixworth Free School is to be an 11-16 two tier school which Ms Francis told the meeting she did not support. Several of the schools proposers who will end up as Governors of the new school have also clearly said they do not support two tier education.

Whilst such an approach apparently caused cheers at the meeting it is less clear how people so deeply opposed to two tier education can effectively run a new two tier school. In order to succeed I think the school deserves a Principal and Governing Body that truly believe in two tier education not people who are always going to see it as second best.

This coming week I will be revealing a great deal of information about political interference in the Thurston consultation in a story that goes right up to the office of Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education. I will also publish all the source material on the Wikisuffolk website so people can see for themselves exactly what has happened behind the scenes.
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