Secret backers of Ixworth and Stanton Free School Revealed

Tory Cllr Joanna Spicer
As I mentioned last night a "parent group" is proposing to set up a Free School on the site of one of middle schools that is due to close as part of the move by Suffolk to two tier education. Most likely at Ixworth or Stanton. However despite holding a meeting for Middle School parents the group have continually refused to identify the people who are making the proposal.

During an increasingly bizarre exchange of emails with a so-called "Spokesperson for the Parent Group Ixworth & Stanton Free School" from an anonymous Hotmail email address the group said that:
As and when we formally create an application for a free school, a board of drectors will be established and their identities will become public domain.
Strangely the spokesperson who still would not give me his or her name then offered to meet with me! I had visions of the person having a bag over their head during the meeting so I could not identify them!

Last time I checked proposing to set up a school wasn't illegal so I have no idea why the group are doing this!

So in the interests of openness and accountability I can reveal that the following people are involved:
I have also received quite a bit of information from the parents meeting last night and a copy of the leaflet they are circulating at the meetings is available on Wikisuffolk. I will blog again soon about this subject with more information about the plans.
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