Tory Shame to keep control at Waveney

Tory Cllr Andrew Draper
Drove three times over legal limit
and assaulted police
The Tory administration at Waveney has been thrown into controvesy and disarray following the conviction of Cllr Andrew Draper of driving three times over the legal alcohol limit then when stopped abusing and assaulting police. The EADT has the story, at one stage apparently he screamed at Police "do you know I’m a councillor?"

Evidently someone appeared to as in the end he ended up with a driving ban and a £815 fine. This in a country where people were sent to jail for stealing water a few weeks ago...

Colin Law, Tory Leader of
Waveney District Council
supporting Andrew Draper
But what is shameful is that Colin Law, Tory Leader of Waveney District Council seems happy for him to continue as a councillor.

I wonder if this might be because if he left they would loose overall control of Waveney District Council. As I documented earlier this year in my post on "Ashes Democracy" the Tories grip on power at Waveney is slim after they lost seats at the May election and they are ruling on the Chairman's casting vote.

"Independent" Chairman of the Council Peter Collecott and Tory Leader Colin Law really should consider if keeping political power at all costs is the right thing to do.

I think many will agree with Michael Culyer, chairman of Worlingham Parish Council,  who said:
“This is only a personal view but I feel that if you’ve been convicted of drink-driving and assaulting a police officer there is a big question whether you should be in public life. 
“You should set an example for other people to follow and I would question whether the Conservative group should be supporting him.”
Like Andy Coulson, we seem to have to afford Andrew Draper a "second chance" as sentencing looks more and more political by the minute...fairness? justice?

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