Apply for Council Tax re-banding due to less local services says Suffolk Cabinet Member

Unhappy with local services closing? Think it unfair that we in Stradbroke and Eye will soon have to pay to use Brome waste tip when people in Stowmarket get a free service?

At a meeting of Stradbroke Parish Council, Suffolk County Council Cabinet member Cllr Guy McGregor came up with the solution. He suggested we apply to have the Council tax banding of our houses reduced as fewer local services meant they were worth less.

No really - he actually said this. Councillors looked somewhat stunned by this suggestion.

I think many would prefer Suffolk County Council to provide the services we pay for rather than have our Council Tax reduced. After all as Suffolk Household Waste Centre tweeted today:

The point, as even Cllr McGregor appears to concede is we have paid already. That is what Council tax and general taxation is for...

The tip at Brome is now closed. As this Tweet shows Suffolk CC hope it will soon be re-opened - by someone else who will charge.

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