Cabinet Decision Day on Suffolk's Libraries

Suffolk County Council's Cabinet
Tomorrow, less than a week after the chaotic full County Council meeting, Suffolk County Council's cabinet meet at 11am to make some decisions about the future of Suffolk's libraries.

However some of the key decisions look likely to be deferred until November, notably the decision on the structural model and on the future of mobile libraries. In fact Mark Bee promised that the "final decision" would go back to full Council to make.

As Archant journalist Paul Geater has observed, Suffolk's library protesters won't go away and will be present at the Cabinet meeting to ask questions and see what happens.

The full papers for cabinet can be seen here:

Cabinet Papers for the 19th July meeting:

Library Service for the Future (DOC 111Kb)
Appendix 1: Consultation Results (DOC 113Kb)
Appendix 2: Options for Structural Model for Library Services (DOC 61Kb)
Appendix 3: Mobile Libraries, At Home Service and Community Outreach (DOC 78Kb)
Appendix 4: Statutory Duties (DOC 54Kb)

The actual decisions the Cabinet are asked to make are:
  • Note the responses to the public consultation on library services in Appendix 1.
  • Adopt the proposed Vision for the Future of Suffolk Libraries as set out in paragraphs 36..
  • Adopt the proposed access model for library services, as set out in paragraphs 41-49.
  • Authorise a best value evaluation of the proposed structural model options as described in Appendix 2.
  • Agree to undertake a public consultation on the proposed changes to the mobile library service as detailed in Appendix 3.
  • Agree to pilot the running of some local libraries with specific groups that have expressed an interest in working in partnership with the County Council.
  • Agree to receive a further report on 8 November evaluating the proposed structural model options and the outcomes from the public consultation on mobile libraries.
I will be live tweeting during the meeting so follow me at @onlygeek and I will publish a blog post as soon as I can after the meeting is over.
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