Andrea Hill has left the Building....Suffolk taxpayers pay Quarter of a Million pounds

Andrea Hill, former Suffolk CEO
It has finally been confirmed that CEO of Suffolk County Council Andrea Hill has agreed to leave the Council in return for a year's salary. UPDATE: It now appears that the 250K legal fees mentioned earlier have in fact been saved by this deal being made so the cost is around a quarter of a million not a half a million as I first reported.

In a statement Suffolk County Council said:
Bullying and harassment allegations were robustly investigated by an independent firm of solicitors. Although it remains a concern that such a perception existed, the Committee is satisfied that there was no evidence to support those claims or that she was responsible for the death of David White (former Head of Legal Services). The Committee wants to reassure staff that all allegations are treated extremely seriously.
The Committee also received a report into Mrs Hill’s expense claims during her tenure as Chief Executive. It has concluded that whilst there were undoubtedly claims which, in the current climate, might not represent best use of public money, the Committee accepted that there was no dishonesty in the claims made.
Following a lengthy discussion last Friday, and negotiations between representatives of both parties over the weekend, the county council can now confirm that Mrs Hill will be leaving her post with immediate effect. Consideration will now be given to appointing a Chief Executive. Until a decision is made regarding an appointment, Lucy Robinson will continue to cover the role. 
There has been significant media attention attached to Mrs Hill which has become a distraction and both parties accept that with new political leadership of Suffolk County Council in place, it is better to allow the organisation to move forward with new managerial leadership.
Many including myself will want to reflect on the wisdom of Ms Hill's appointment and salary by the Conservative administration. Has this really represented good value for money for Suffolk taxpayers. The word on the streets in Suffolk is a resounding NO!

The statetement concludes:
The county council would like to thank Mrs Hill for all she has done over the past three years and wish her well for her future.
The total value of compensation to be paid to Mrs Hill is £218,592. This figure includes her contractual notice period.
Endeavour House...Andrea Hill's former office
Many in Suffolk wish her well...somewhere else...we are now left counting the cost...

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