More power to Andrea Hill as two senior County Council staff leave

Graham Dixon
Two senior Suffolk County Council staff suddenly left under unexplained circumstances yesterday. Graham Dixon, Director of Resource Management and one of his Assistant Directors Eric Whitfield, Head of Scrutiny and Monitoring and holder of the key statutory "monitoring officer" role that is supposed to ensure the Council conducts its affairs fairly and legally.

It is not known why they left although apparently Mr Whitfield had been ill. Staff and councillors were informed by email last night and it appeared to come as a complete shock to most.

For the foreseeable future the Resource Management role will be undertaken by Ms Hill and although Suffolk CC are at pains to point out she will not be paid any more this clearly strengthens her power at Endeavour House.

Eric Whitfield
In fact two of the remaining four Directors and the Deputy Monitoring Officer are now temporary "interim" staff who hold office more or less at Ms Hill's pleasing. This cannot help with the perception that too much power is in Ms Hill's hands.

It seems deeply ironic that at the end of a month that has seen widespread public criticism of Ms Hill not only is she still in post but appears to have increased her power at Endeavour House.
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