Jeremy Pembroke about to resign as leader of Suffolk County Council?

Jeremy Pembroke
UPDATE - 12 Midnight the EADT have confirmed that Jeremy Pembroke has resigned as leader of Suffolk CC and will retire from politics at the next elections.

It is becoming increasingly likely this evening following on from the sudden departure of two senior council officials and following a meeting between Suffolk Tory MPs and the Tory council leadership that Jeremy Pembroke is about to resign as Leader of Suffolk County Council.

He is apparently to appear on Mark Murphy's Breakfast Show from 7am on BBC Radio Suffolk tomorrow to "discuss his future as leader" and there are strong rumors that he is leaving.

This follows mounting disquiet about the conduct and remuneration of Andrea Hill, CEO of Suffolk County Council and mounting public concern about cuts implemented as part of the "new strategic direction" including school crossing patrols, the eXplore card and threats to close libraries across the county.
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