The Hill Photo Saga...When in a hole...

An unhappy looking Cllr Eddy
Alcock, Chairman of Suffolk CC
I was at the Debenham library read-in earlier today and as you can imagine that was a lot of conversation about the latest Andrea Hill story which made made the nationals today. Photos of Ms Hill were on page 2 of The Sun and in The Telegraph.

In case you don't live in Suffolk I should explain. Suffolk County Council pay their CEO Andrea Hill some £218 000 a year and it was just discovered that some £1400 of tax papers money was used to take photos of her. Except apparently the money was not just spent on photos of Ms Hill. Today the Press Office are saying that the money was for photos of a whole bunch of people including 14 councillors and the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council. See the Evening Star for full details. The Chairman of the Council, Eddy Alcock was present today and refused to sign the petition to Save Suffolk Libraries. To save any further public expenditure I took a photograph of him. For some reason he does not look very happy...
The Debenham Banksy!

Views on Andrea Hill
So it took FOUR freedom of information requests and the Council still got it wrong and a whole bunch more people are now implicated. Oh and this is released after the story has made the nationals! Someone really should tell Suffolk County Council that they are in a hole and should stop digging, this is not making things sound better but worse!
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