Suffolk Library Campaigners Unite to meet Suffolk County Council at Endeavour House

Endeavour House, Suffolk CC's
Corporate HQ in Ipswich
Tomorrow library campaigners from Stradbroke, Leiston, Rosehill, Bungay and Debenham are meeting with Cllr Judy Terry, Cabinet Lead for the library consultation and other members of the library consultation project team.

The meeting has been prompted by considerable concern about the consultation process that Suffolk County Council are undertaking and the apparent attempt to "divide and rule" that is emerging from meetings that have been held across the County.

The meeting is taking place at Endeavour House, Suffolk's imposing looking corporate HQ in Ipswich at 1000. Issues expected  to be covered at the meeting include:
  • The legality of the plans and consultation process under the 1964 Libraries and Musems Act in the light of judicial review proceedings started against other County Councils
  • Flaws in the consultation documentation, assumptions and process
  • Suffolk's attempts to "divide and rule" and pitch library against library to bid for resources
  • The so-called "core offer" and what exactly it would cost to run a library, what support Suffolk would provide and for how long
  • Suffolk's reation to the widespread public disapporoval of its plans and the views of local MPs and other councils
  • What information from the consultation Suffolk will share with local communities as the consultation proceeds
We are calling upon the County Council to halt the consultation, conduct a proper detailed inquiry into library services in Suffolk including a proper consultation and needs assessment without the flaws of the first one. Unless this happens campaigners might be forced to look at a judicial review against the County Council in a similar way to those in Somerset and Gloucestershire.

I am sure it will be an interesting meeting, I will blog about it Friday afternoon when I am home!
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