County Councillor Colin Noble and the disappearing blog comments...

I came across an interesting Blog yesterday evening from Suffolk County Councillor Coin Noble who is the porfolio holder for Adult and Community Services. His portfolio includes libraries although strangely he was not present at the recent Endeavour House Meeting for reasons that are still unclear. UPDATE: Although Colin Noble is indeed portfolio holder for Adult and Community Services and that directorate includes libraries for some unknown reason it is Cllr Judy Terry that is portfolio holder for libraries

I noticed he had made a post entitled "Lakenheath Library under threat" which I found astonishing. Not only does the post get the County Council's budget reduction wrong - claiming 28% when it is 19.6% but fails to mention that as a cabinet member the threat to the library is coming from him!

So I submitted two comments on the blog post which invited me to "Leave a Comment" but got the response that they were queued for moderation and I took a screenshot:

This morning the comments still had not appeared and I emailed Cllr Noble asking why and got this response:

 Dear James,

Thank you for your email.

Whilst I always appreciate people taking the time to read and comment on my blog. It is my personal policy on my personal blog not to post any comments, as you will see if you browse my archive section a policy consistently applied.

If you wish to formally email me as a County Councillor I will be pleased to reply.

With kind regards,

Colin Noble,

I thought this was strange as last night I browsed through his blog and remember seeing some comments on a post on buses that is at So I looked at the page and the comments had vanished! I have taken a screenshot as the site seems to keep changing....
Note as of 1945 on Sunday 27 Feb 2011 the comments have re-appeared, this screenshot was taken earlier today!

I began wondering if I had overdone it on the wine last night until I remembered the Google Cache. Here on the Google Cache page are the comments I had read last night.

It appears that between me looking at the comments last night and Cllr Noble sending me his email the comments were deleted.

If Cllr Nobe would like to explain what happened to the comments he is welcome to use the comments feature on my Blog.
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