Twitter joke trial beyond a joke

The Twitter Joke trial started off as absurd. Almost s joke itself. Like many I have been waiting for the part of the story where the authorities call it off and say they "have taken it a bit far" in typical English understatement.

It is becoming clear that that isn't going to happen with the loss of the appeal and the words of the Judge who thinks it was "obviously" meanacing.

Lots has been written about this already and I won't repeat it. Take a look at the excellent Heresy Corner for a start. However I think the most powerful thing I have seen is Dr Evan Harris on Twitter who copied part of Lord Hoffman's judgement in 2004:

"The real threat to the life of the nation, in the sense of a people living in accordance with its traditional laws and political values, comes not from terrorism but from laws such as these. That is the true measure of what terrorism may achieve. It is for Parliament to decide whether to give the terrorists such a victory."

Quite. Good luck to Paul Chambers and let's hope this case gets appealed up to a level where a sensible decision can be made - that is if there is anyone left in a position of authority with any sense.

If you like me want to donate to the appeal fund you can do so here.
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