VW Campervans banned because they are "unsightly"

Take a look at the photo below of a VW Campervan on the seawall at Aldeburgh. Do you agree that this vehicle is so "unsightly" that it needs to be banned by a legal order? Suffolk Coastal District Council do.

Image Courtesy of @PaulOBrian
After getting fobbed off with countless emails claiming that the reason for the ban for campervans was due to them damaging the seawall due to their weight - despite the fact that much heavier Cars and small trucks up to 3.5 tonnes are allowed to park there an email from Roger Warren (District Councillor, Aldeburgh Ward, Suffolk Coastal District Council) admitted:
"A further factor leading to this decision was the incessant complaints from local Council Tax Payers about the unsightly appearance of too many Campervans occupying space on the area , with frequent reports of Campervan owners fouling the sea by depositing their slop and toilet buckets in the sea....
Over recent years the parties concerned have been inundated with complaints about campervans cluttering the Seawall and preventing local residents enjoying the views : worse, a minority were quite openly emptying slop and toilet buckets into the sea (there are no toilet facilities closer than the carpark at the end of the High Street). A minority were also rigging drying lines and making the place look like a Chinese Laundry !
(As an aside, small Comb-vans appear far more prone to erecting drying lines !)"

So there you have it, campervan owners drive unsightly vehicles and behave in an anti-social manner. Apprently. According to Councillor Warren.

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