iPad Data Tariffs

If you're lucky enough to have a new 3G iPad and are looking for a data tariff there are a few things you need to bear in mind:
  • You'll need a 3G iPad, the wifi iPad is wifi only but you could always get a Three MiFi
  • A regular SIM card won't fit as the iPad uses the new MicroSIM format although you might be able to cut the SIM card if you are feeling brave
  • Some tariffs come with WiFi and some don't so be sure to check
So here are the options available and remember there is no point choosing on price if you can't get a signal on the network! Check the coverage maps or better still ask friends and family for real world experiences of the network you plan to use:

Three This is the cheapest option if you don't need WiFi, rolling 1 month contracts
  • 1Gb/month £7.50
  • 15Gb/month £15
  • 200Mb/day £2
  • 1Gb/week £7.50
  • 3Gb/month and unlimited BT Openzone WiFi £15
  • 10Gb/month and unlimited BT Openzone WiFi £25
Vodafone Rolling 1 month contracts without WiFi
  • 1Gb/month £10
  • 3Gb/month £15
  • 5Gb/month £25
O2 WiFi on all tariffs includes BT Openzone and The Cloud
  • 500Mb/day and unlimited WiFi £2
  • 1Gb/month and unlimited WiFi £10
  • 3Gb/month and unlimited WiFi £15
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