Does Gove need to "destroy" educational establishement?

Stephen Pollard writing in The Telegraph today suggests that Gove needs to fight "the enemy within" and "destroy" the educational establishment.

For me, Michael Gove's free schools policy was the most persuasive reason for voting Conservative in the recent election....
Today, the Education Secretary will outline his planned reforms in detail. But, much as I do not wish to rain on Mr Gove's parade, I am the bearer of bad tidings. Because, as someone who has been advocating the gist of his policy for nearly two decades, I have to tell him that passing the Act is almost the least important step on the road to genuine school reform.
Unless Mr Gove outmanoeuvres – for which, read "destroys" – that educational establishment, he will fail, because it will fight him. Relentlessly.

Here is the comment I posted on this article

What a shame that the author and several commentators see this as some kind of political "war" to be "won".

There are no winners and losers here. And remember in a battle that pitches the Government against the "educational establishment" it is our children that are sat right in the middle to get caught in the cross fire.

I'm no apologist for the educational establishment - unlike many armchair commentators here I have some battlescars to prove this! There is much wrong with it and much that needs changing.

However the idea that everyone involved in education is some kind of left-wing nutter is just nonsense. As is the idea that there is some kind of conspiracy against change.

I think many are fed up of constant changes from education secretaries that are here today gone tomorrow when it takes a generation to educate a child.

There are many very very good people in education in both the state and private sector and several people that need to be got rid of.

I very much hope Michael Gove takes the more sensible and constructive approach for if he starts a war as you suggest he should, he will possibly loose and that will put things *back* not move them forwards...
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