Build your own Tory/Lib Dem Cabinet!

Tory blogger Iain Dale blogged a really interesting article yesterday about the possible composition of a Tory/Lib Dem cabinet. As this is a real possibility like Iain I am surprised that there hasn't been more talk about it.

Today Michael Gove re-ignited the discussion by apparently suggesting that he might stand to one side and let Laws take the Education portfolio. The editor of the Spectator was pretty quickly on Twitter with this:

frasernels Just spoke to Gove. He was simply stating obvious - that his future is up to DC. No plans to move him or axe free schools. Panic-ette over.
So, I got thinking of how what kind of a Tory/Lib Dem cabinet I would like to see and here are my ideas:

PM - David Cameron (well not much choice about that!)
Chancellor - Ken Clarke (experience, because it is unlikely Tories would accept Cable and Lib Dems shouldn't accept Osborne)
Chief Secretary to the Treasury - Vince Cable (think he would make a great double act with Clarke, voice of experience and reason)
Home Secretary - Nick Clegg (he has to get one of the big 4 jobs if he is in the cabinet)
Education - David Laws (He's much more the consensus candidate and would work with rather than against the education world but should be acceptable to Tories)

So, what do you think? None of this might happen but it is interesting and who knows!

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